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At Cadis Overseas, we offer consultation for only nonimmigrant visas to the US.

Nonimmigrant visas are for people visiting the U.S. temporarily for tourism, business, education, medical treatment, or petition-based employment (L1) who wish to work for a specified time in the US. The type of visa required depends on your purpose of travel. To qualify under US immigration laws as a nonimmigrant visa applicant, you must demonstrate to a visa office that you have ties to your country of residence and that you intent on returning to your country of residence once the purpose of your travel to the US is met and complete.

Trying to convince the visa officer, now that’s the biggest challenge before us. Unlike other countries, your visa outcome would not be determined by your documents irrespective of how strong they are or how sound your profile is. Documents are essential and they form the foundation to your case. However, your personal visa interview will determine the outcome of your visa application.
Now most would consider this a problem. With our assistance, consultation and interview training, we would make this your advantage.

Having worked as Visa Support Officers and with over 15 years or work experience in an embassy, we have been involved in countless visa interviews covering all visa categories. We have hands-on experience and knowledge of the interview process. We are fully aware of what the visa officer would ask you and more importantly, we know what they want to hear. The confidence, clarity and conviction with which you explain your case would influence the outcome of your case. Moreover, to be successful at your interview, it is not about ‘what’ you say but rather ‘how’ you say it.

We will assist you with the entire visa application process including application forms, scheduling OFC and visa appointments, documents (self, family and sponsor), advise on financial requirements for the visa application, covering letters and explanatory statements, sponsorship declaration, collating all your docs for case presentation and most importantly, preparation for your visa interview through various mock interview sessions.

Contact Us for consultation on:

B1 – Business Visa:

Our services are offered directly to applicants or to companies wishing to send their employees to the US for trainings, meetings, seminar or a conference. We provide consultation to various corporate clients for their US visas.

B2 – Tourism Visa:

This is for recreational purpose that includes tourism, visiting friends or relatives, attending family functions, marriages and graduation ceremonies, dependents of those travelling on a B1 visa etc.