Visit Canada

With a large Indian origin population settled, working or studying in Canada, it is a popular destination for Indian passport holder for visiting family, business trips or tourism.

Cadis Overseas can assist you whether you wish to:

Visit Canada as a tourist

Visit your children or grandchildren in Canada

Visit extended family members

Visit Canada on business for meetings, conferences or exhibitions

Work visa for Canada (We only assist with the visa process and not with securing a work permit or finding jobs in Canada)

Study visa for Canada

Dependents of those either working or studying in Canada

We will assist you with the entire application process. Our consultation would include:

Completing all application forms

Scheduling appointments for submission

Advice on all required documents in support of application from sponsor/family member in Canada.

Drafts of covering letters and sponsorship declarations in support of application.

Applicant’s documents as per his/her specific individual profile.

Financial documents required to support purpose of trip and format of such documents.

Other documents to complete case file.

Collating all documents for case presentation.

Assistance with any travel bookings and/or travel insurance (if required)

Assistance with submission of case file (if required)